The nearest Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) to the Port of Las Americas, welcomes you to our site. We invite you to learn about the FTZ program, our corporation and how to become a zone user. Do you want to know how to participate of the Foreign Trade Zone Program? Ask us! We will let you know.

A Foreign Trade Zone is a restricted-access site, in or adjacent to a Customs Port of Entry, operated pursuant to public utility principles under the sponsorship of a corporation granted authority by the FTZ Board located in Washington D.C. and under supervision of the US Customs and Border Protection.

FTZ's are treated, for the purposes of tariff laws and custom entry procedures, as being outside the Custom territory of the United States. Under FTZ procedures, foreign and domestic merchandise may be admitted into Zones for operations such as: storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacture, and processing, without being subject to formal custom entry procedures, the payments of Customs duties or the payments of Federal and Excise Taxes.


Zona Libre del Sur (ZLS), FTZ #163, has the objective of stimulating the commercial exchange between Puerto Rico and the World. ZLS promotes the economic development of the region and the creation of new jobs offering savings and flexibility to importers and exporters throughout this Federal program created in 1934. We invite you to contact us or visit our offices located in the Port of Ponce area.


  • Over 2,800 firms use FTZ's.

  • Over 360,000 jobs at facilities operating under FTZ status.
  • Merchandise moving through FTZ's totals over $491 billions annually.
  • Exports from FTZ's exceed $30 billions annually and its increasing rapidly.
  • All 50 states plus Puerto Rico have established Foreign Trade Zones.
  • There are over 250 approved General Purpose Zones and over 390 Sub-Zones in the United States.
  • Approximately 75% of the merchandise received is domestic.


Puerto Rico is an island strategically located in the middle of the Caribbean, just between North and South America and east of Central America. It is beautiful all year long. The white sand beaches, great weather and their warm people are the perfect combination to make this your business link to the western hemisphere. More information.


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