Resolution: Puerto Rico Rises Up

On November 1, 2017 in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain, the General Assembly of AZFA resolved:

  • Whereas: The island of Puerto Rico has suffered the onslaught of a category 5 hurricane, leaving many residential areas and part of its economic infrastructure devastated.
  • Whereas: Our partner CODEZOL operates a free zone in the south of Puerto Rico.
  • Whereas: Any action that can be taken to achieve the economic restoration of Puerto Rico as soon as possible is urgent.
  • Whereas: The international prestige of AZFA is useful to publicize our situation and the opportunities that arise due to the massive incentives that the United States government has approved for this purpose, which include tax and tariff exemptions that facilitate the introduction of new products. of all kinds in your market. Therefore: Solve like this:
    1. Approve an official statement by our organization in support of the Government of Puerto Rico in its actions to promote the recovery of the Puerto Rican economy.
    2. To exhort the partners of our organization to disclose among their clients the opportunities that exist for new businesses in Puerto Rico, as an ideal bridge to enter the United States market.
    3. Our associate CODEZOL is available to collaborate in the disclosure of information and the necessary procedures for any project that is required to be developed in Puerto Rico.