On Friday, August 4 of this year, a simple and emotional ceremony took place in the Southern Free Zone. That morning, the personal and professional contributions of Mr. Jose R. (Pepe) Criado Céspedes in the development of the Southern Free Zone (ZLS) were recognized.

Pepe, from Villalbeño by birth and from Ponceño by adoption, served and contributed to various organizations in the Manor City. Among these, he was President of the ZLS Board of Directors. He actively participated in several of the annual conferences of the Association of Free Zones of Ibero-America (AFZA) and the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones (NAFTZ).

Pepe passed away a few months ago and the Board of Directors decided to name the ZLS Conference Room in his memory. The activity was attended by his widow, Doña Josefina and his daughter Mary Jo. In addition, several current and former members of the Board, as well as some former presidents of the ZLS.

Doña Josefina unveiled a photo of Pepe and her daughter thanked her father for the recognition. To Pepe and his family, thanks for his work, advice and support from him on the ZLS Board of Directors.

May his light illuminate the paths of our organization.

Thank you,
Dr Jaime L. Santiago Canet
President, South Free Zone, FTZ 163