Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ponce, the town was founded in the year 1692. In the year 1848 was declared Village and in 1877 it was awarded the title of city by order of the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII. PONCE name corresponds to the name of Don Juan Ponce de Leon, conqueror and first governor of the island of Puerto Rico. Ponce is known indistinctly as Ciudad Señorial, La Perla del Sur, City of Quenepas and City of Lions.

The municipality of Ponce is located on the flat coastal area of the South, between the Cordillera Central and the Caribbean Sea. Ponce occupies in the geography of the island of Puerto Rico, an area of 116 square miles (300 square kilometers). The number of inhabitants of the municipality of Ponce, according to Census data 2000 amounted to 186.475.

Phone: (787) 284-4141, ext: 2245 or 2254


Facts about Puerto Rico



Geography and climate

Puerto Rico is an island strategically located in the middle of the Caribbean, just between North and South America and east of Central America. It is beautiful all year long. The white sand beaches, great weather and their warm people are the perfect combination to make this your business link to the western hemisphere.


Of the 3.2 millions of US citizens living in Puerto Rico, 1.2 millions constitute its skilled working force. Many of these have completed their college education and are bilingual.


Puerto Rico beats to the pulsating rhythm of the industry, with over 2,361 diversified industrial plants producing and shipping everything from apparel and pharmaceuticals to computer components and medical devices. A powerful economy and pro-business government that is committed to continued industrial growth are key components to Puerto Rico’s success as a business center.


One of the most stable governments in the Americas.

Operates under the United States of America’s Constitution and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s Constitution.

The local government consists of an Executive, Legislative and Juridical branch.

US Dollar is Puerto Rico’s currency.